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What Others Have Said About Our Training

Check out this feedback:

*****CHAD HYAMS is better than Tylenol*******

I recently attended a seminar on technology that Chad Hyams taught here in Salt Lake City.  I woke up the morning of the class with a migraine.  Why you ask?  Because just the thought of having to go to a technology class put me in severe physical pain!  I said to myself, “Kathy – you are not going to let this define your day.  Your life is by your design and YOU WILL GO TO THIS CLASS!!  I didn’t want to take any meds because it would dull my mind and Lord knows the class was going to take ALL of my concentration.  So I put on my big girl pants and my best smile (you know the one – the “fake it till you make it” smile) and went on to class.  A few hours into the class I noticed something astonishing – my head didn’t hurt anymore!  Because of Chad’s “can do” personality, funny jokes and simple explanations – I was actually getting it!  So it is with pleasure – not pain – that I say:

CHAD HYAMS IS BETTER THAN TYLENOL and does a kickin’ job with his class!! – Kathy Moore


Chad’s “voice of reason” and the IMSDesignation is catapulting my knowledge of internet marketing to new heights! – Linda Holloway


Chad is a true voice of Reason and a true advocate of technology. He is an expert in his field and offers very informative solutions to Real Estate Agents on how to grow their social media Presence. I have truly enjoyed learning from Chad via the IMSD Designation for Realtor’s. He is a great educator and an excellent speaker. I would highly recommend Chad on his detailed knowledge of Social Media. He is the voice of reason and will tell you what others won’t tell you! So if you are looking for ways to improve your online presence, you will won’t Chad to help! He will not steer you wrong! – Tana Brewster


If you are looking to find the right L.I.F.E. Coach for you then take a moment to follow the link and answer a few questions and we will connect with you to learn more about if we are a match.


Comments on: "What Others Have Said About Our Training" (7)

  1. jmackin23 said:

    Webinars are one of the best marketing tools businesses have at their disposal. However without the right experience it can quickly become too much to manage.

    Chad does an amazing job at helping you organize, promote and host the event. He is a true professional and I highly recommend that you take advantage of any opportunity you have to work with him.

  2. Chad is an amazing speaker/trainer/teacher. He is personable and funny. He has a vested interest in improving the lives of those in his audience. He is professional and I reccommend him highly.

  3. There are so many webinar options online now a days. Anytime I see Chad involved I sign up without hesitation. Chad has personality, knowledge and a grasp of the platform that few have. Whether teaching himself or hosting an event for another company, I highly recommend hiring Chad for your online and offline events.

  4. Chad is lead instructor for the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. I have been listening to Chad teach 1-2 live webinars to the real estate industry every single week since early 2011. After all of that, I am not tired of hearing him speak. Isn’t that incredible?

    I’ve never heard anybody who can engage with people online like Chad can. He has amazing gifts to drive the energy for an event, think on the fly, and be the authority on the topic.

  5. Keith Alba said:

    For almost the last decade I have been responsible for hiring instructors and putting on educational events. Over that period of time I learned that the instructor MUST have 3 things. 1- Extensive knowledge on the subject matter 2- Ability to connect to the different personalities in the audience 3- Dynamic command of a room. Chad and Ember Seminars not only have these 3 qualities, they set the standard in the industry. Whether it be a webinar, small or large group this team has it down and at the end you will be asking Chad, “When are you available to come back?”

  6. Chad Hyams is the best. Any time you have the opportunity attend his class or webinar.
    Top in his field and teaches with humor and understanding that will help you grow your
    business. I followed one of his suggestions within 48 hours of the class. As a result
    I received a $500,000 home buyer referral. Follow his lead and your business will grow.
    I’m hooked on Chad Hyams classes and webinars. Give it a try and you will be too.

  7. Mike French said:

    I just celebrated my 2nd year in Real Estate and my first year with having Chad Hyams as my coach. My first year was a struggle and a success, and I was a mess.. My life was everywhere. I was working too much and it was costing me in all aspects in my life.. my business suffered because I was all over the place, doing things that didn’t need to be done, not doing the things I needed to.. life at home was tough, I wasn’t there.. I was so wrapped up in seeing all these people making a ton of money and I wanted that.. and little did I realize I was sacrificing the most important thing in life… FAMILY!

    Fast forward to now.. looking back on that past year with Chad.. do I still do tasks that aren’t quite necessary? Yeah sometimes, maybe not as much.. HOWEVER.. I’m more purposeful in my actions.. I have a clear path.. and that’s not just for my business, it’s for my life!!

    Without Chad, I don’t know what life would look like.. I bought a house for the first time this year, added a child to my family, and have the strongest relationship with my family than I ever have before.. this man took time for ME. Not just my business…me.. my life, my relationships, my views, where I want my life to be and go, he’s coached me there. He’s not just a coach, he’s a mentor, and advocate and an example.

    There’s been countless times where life happens, I get in a funk, or get distracted from the things I know I’m supposed to do. Our coachings allow me to self discover, and his guidance and mentorship allow me to right the ship and focus on the destination, knowing how to stay the course along the way. Without this life mentor, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be who I am now. My business literally doubled from year 1, and I attribute it all, regardless of what anyone says, to Chads guidance, support, encouragement and mentorship..

    Thank you doesn’t even come close to the right words to express how grateful I am for Chad.
    For everything he’s helped me become and everything he’s helping me to become..my successes and triumphs, and his words of encouragement when I fall flat on my face..

    ~Mike French

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