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Focus found in this, SQUIRREL

Focus can be found in even the most unlikely places

Thanks to the wonderful movie UP we all have turned a squirrel from a rodent to a term for a distraction. Google squirrel and the third organic result is the video clip of Dug the Dog.

  • Dug the dogWhen something sparkling catches your eye SQUIRREL
  • When your phone beeps at you in the middle of a conversation SQUIRREL
  • When you are reading and something flickers on the screen or someone walks by where you are sitting SQUIRREL

You can understand the shock and surprise that I felt when I found determination and complete focus in the form of a squirrel!

Look closely to the photo below, and you will notice our newest neighbor Bruce the squirrel. We have named him Bruce after Bruce Wayne because of the way he hangs upside down like a bat. Bruce found our bird feeder. After falling off a couple of times, since it is supposed to be squirrel-proof, he found a solution to his challenge.

squirrel at feederBruce, our squirrel, understands the concept of Failing Forward (a brilliant book by John C Maxwell) and after trial and error he has figured that by hanging upside down from a tree branch he can just reach the food tray on the bird feeder without putting weight on the perch.

With focus, Bruce is able to help himself to a snack when needed. It does not matter if we are watching him, if our dog is watching him or even if his sidekick, a chipmunk we named Robin that catches the seeds that fall, is watching, Bruce stays focused on the task at hand.

We have had other squirrels come visit and climb our tree. All of these squirrels sit there and stare at the free buffet until they give up and climb down and run off. Not Bruce he has the focus needed to reach his goals!

***Update on Bruce and our bird feeder – we have moved the bird feeder to a place Bruce can no longer reach. Don’t worry we also installed a squirrel feeder for Bruce.

Of course a determined and focused squirrel will always find a solution. We have now found Robin, the chipmunk sidekick, jumping from the branch, landing on the bird feeder and laying down on the perch (he is light enough to not activate the spring) and knock food into the ivy, and waiting hands of Bruce, below. The lesson from this advancement is how important it is to hire the right people to work with you, and that is another blog post for another time. For now, stay FOCUSED!Bruce the squirrel



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Chadalyst  FOCUS! If a squirrel can focus, so can you. Shut off your phone (or if you have an iPhone use the greatest gift Apple has given us) close your door and FOCUS on doing what really needs to be done!

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It starts with a beep, a chirp, a bell tone and after that, you are finished!


Now after you have seen what was so important to someone else it is time for you to get back to what you were doing.

Our good friend Dug, the dog in the movie UP, was the one to bring this our attention. We were all too busy being distracted to really even notice the problem.

Production numbers are down in companies in all industries and everyone is looking for the reason. The reason is right in front of us every single moment of every single day. We are too busy having to be “in the loop” all the time.

You sit at your desk getting into whatever project you have going on. Maybe you are writing a report, an email or creating a presentation for a meeting later that day. SQUIRREL! Just like that your focus is pulled to your smart phone that just beeped at you with a text, an email, a social media update and even if you don’t go to look at it your focus has been pulled.

We are even betting that your focus was pulled just by the word standing out as you were reading. Did your eyes jump ahead at the color and force you to then go back and catch up on reading?

Take a moment and turn off the notifications on your smart phone so that YOU can control when things happen. Before we had cell phones people waited to hear from us. Even with a pager people sent us a message and knew we would get back to them soon. Now with the technology advances instant gratification isn’t fast enough and people want you to reply as soon as they send the message (we are included in that)

Slow down a little. Believe it or not you will get more done if you finish one task before thinking about another one.



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