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Do you make these 6 mistakes every morning?

There are 6 common mistakes many of us make almost every morning. Hopefully we can help guide you to a better start to your day by making you aware of these morning missteps.

1) You reach for the snooze button.
The alarm goes off to start your day and the first thing that you do is reach over to hit that snooze button so that you can have just another 10 minutes of sleep. This starts your day off in the wrong way on many different levels.

  • You start later than you planned to get your day going
  • You trigger your mind that you are too tired to get going and you put your mind in the wrong place all day long

Set your alarm for the time you need to get up and if you are that tired in the morning, start going to bed earlier. If you think you get more sleep by hitting snooze, just start setting your alarm for later.

2)You check your email first thing.
Why? Does anyone ever send an email that late in the evening or that early in the morning just to say hello and give you the positive inspiration you need? That only happens if you have subscribed to our blog and wake up to one of our motivational postings. Wait until you get into the office or at least are more awake before you start your mind on the path of solving the world’s problems (or your boss’ or client’s problems)

3)You get on Facebook
Studies show that more than 1 in 4 people check Facebook before getting out of the bed in the morning. Is that you? Why do you do it? For the same reason you shouldn’t check your email, you should wait on Facebook. The postings that your family or friends have made or the big news of the day will still be there when you check later.

4)You turn on the news
When was the last time the news was filled with feel good stories? They work them in only so they have them now and then. The news will start your morning by filling you with fear and anxiety. They want you to remember to always tune in and rely upon them. They make money only when people watch!

5)You forget to make time for you.
Do you enjoy spending a few moments with your kids in the morning? Do you prefer to start your day with a workout? Do you like to find something inspirational to read before jumping into your day?
Then make sure you make this time each day and stop rushing to serve everyone else and remember that an appointment with yourself is as important, and maybe more important, than an appointment with anyone else.
If Facebook is your thing, remember mistake #3. Get everything else done and started on the right foot before you log on.

6)You skip breakfast
You have heard that this is the most important meal of the day since you were a kid. The commercials told us and our parents told us so this must be fact. Starting your day with the nutrition that you need to get through the day makes breakfast key. Stop skipping it as you run out the door. Plan for it. A bowl of cereal, some eggs, even some fruit all can make sure that your day starts in the right direction.

By starting your morning the right way you fuel up your body, your mind and you are better prepared for facing everything the world is going to throw your way through the day.

Chadalyst – Which of these mistakes are you making? Figure what you will do to change this mistake and then watch your days improve.

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