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Skydive into your business

You jump out of a perfectly good plane each and every day…it doesn’t matter if that plane is 13,000 feet in the air or if that plane is your desk at the office or wherever you work.

Have you ever been skydiving? It truly is just like any day in your business. Let’s look at how they compare…

Training: Before you are allowed to get near the plane you have to get some basic training. Just like any new job or career you embark on. It should always start with a little training.

Equipment: The next thing that you do is you put on the correct outfit and equipment. While skydiving this will be a jumpsuit and a parachute or harness if you are planning to jump tandem (highly recommended – you will learn why later) When you are heading to work you get dressed in the uniform of the position and take the needed equipment with you before leaving your home.

Travel: The next step is to get in your needed form of transportation. When heading to work that might not be a plane unless you are a pilot or a skydiving full-time. Get yourself where you need to be.

Getting Ready to Get Ready: This is when you check each harness point on the parachute one last time. Making sure that your equipment is ready for whatever you have coming next. In your job this is getting the store front ready to open, getting that list together of the contacts you are going to reach out to, or whatever you need to do so that you are ready when the time comes.

JUMP: This is just what it sounds like when skydiving, you jump (or if you are diving tandem you sit down and get pushed out basically – this helps you over the fear of the jumping part) At work you jump into your tasks. That could be making calls, it could be greeting people at the door or it could be starting your route for the day. JUST JUMP and get going

Free fall: This is the rush part of the jump. You free fall at close to 125 mph and feel the wind in your face. You take in the beautiful sights, you enjoy the sensation of the fall and you create a memory that will stay with you forever. At work can you feel this same way? Of course you can. Make a sale, help someone, accomplish what it is that you set out to and you will feel that rush. If you don’t feel the rush, find a new job!

Open the Parachute: This is the part that just can’t be explained unless you have jumped and experienced it. Everything changes and quickly! You go from the feeling of falling to the feeling of being lifted in a moments notice. Your world is changed quickly. This sounds familiar to many of you when compared to work. This is when the deal starts to go south. This is when the customer starts to complain about their issue. Everything was going in one direction and now things turn quickly and get your adrenalin going!

Float Back to the Ground: While skydiving this is the peaceful time. The rush is over. Just enjoy the decent. Spin, turn, look around or just enjoy the silence. At work this is when everything is coming together. The deal is happening finally. The client is making that purchase and you are ringing them up.

Landing: The end of the ride. While skydiving this is when your feet (or butt depending on the landing style) hit the ground and you end your experience. For business this is when the check comes in from your company. You get paid and the experience is over.

Hopefully whether you are skydiving or working this is a rush that you look forward to experiencing again and again. Remember that each experience will be different from the last and that is part of the fun!

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Chadalyst – Just jump! Whether it be from a plane or into your work, get to it. If you don’t enjoy the sensation enough, find another line of work!

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