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Four Reasons You Should Be Using Foursquare

We have heard from many that foursquare is a game or that foursquare makes no sense to them. We hope that we can shed some light on how to use foursquare that make sense.

Let’s quickly start with what foursquare is.

According to foursquare they are a “…free app that helps you and your friends make the most of where you are. When you’re out and about, use foursquare to share and save the places you visit…”

An easy way to describe foursquare is an app that allows you to check in wherever you go to share information about locations.

Many people ask, why should they even use it. We are going to share with you the four reasons you should use foursquare. It doesn’t matter what you do for work all of these tips can be applied to help you grow.

1)Use foursquare to become a local expert.
Checking in is great and can earn you points, badges, mayorship and specials. The best thing you can do is take a moment and share a tip about the location where you are checking in.

  • Are you at a restaurant? Leave a tip for the item to avoid on the menu, or the best server that people should ask for.
  • Are you at a park? Leave a tip for the best spot to watch the sunset.
  • Are you at the mall? Leave a tip for the best place to find a parking spot.

Become someone who is filled with helpful information and create personal branding and become the local expert. This will also help you increase your Klout.

2)Time to do something new.
We have all had that feeling of wanting to go someplace new and not knowing where to go. Use foursquare to help solve that challenge. Open foursquare and select “Explore” and find places near by that are for eating, that are offering foursquare specials and other categories.

Of course you will see the tips left by others (see point 1) and then find a new place to explore

3)Grow your own business.
With all of these people checking in and leaving tips you should make sure you take a moment and create and verify your own business. By having your own business on foursquare you are giving others the chance to check in at your location, share tips about you and earn specials. With the changes at foursquare you can now also push out information to your clients with news, deals and other information about your location.

4)Save save and save
The fourth reason to be using foursquare would be to save. Many businesses are offering a deal if you check in.

  • Get a free upgrade on your drink.
  • Get a free appetizer with your order.
  • Get money off your purchase.

How can a simple click on your phone to save money not be worth it?

There are other reasons to use foursquare as well. One of the fun parts is to steal a mayorship (check in most often at a venue) from friends and earn badge. Badges are like boy scout merit badges and you earn them for different activities. Learn more about badges.

Foursquare can’t hurt you and it can help you. Why wouldn’t you add this simple app to your daily routines?

Chadalyst – Start using foursquare and if you are using it, go leave a tip for someone at your favorite place to check in.

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Refuel your life for free. Step 5

Through this week we have been looking at how to refuel your life for free. In yesterday’s posting we looked at the fourth step in refueling your life. Make sure you check back to the first 4 steps (links posted below) as we continue to cover how you feel when you are running on empty and how you feel when your personal tank is filled.

Hopefully you have been following the Chadalyst posted at the end of each blog and you are already feeling better.

Click on any of the first four steps to learn more…

  1. Garbage in = garbage out – make sure you eat right!
  2. Sleep enough for your body to recharge
  3. Exercise daily
  4. Make a fool of yourself
Now for the fifth and final suggestion in helping you increase your energy, remove your stress and refuel your life without the aid of a 5 Hour Energy drink.
It is now time for you to do something for you finally.
You are doing for everyone else in your life. Your family, your job and of course your customers. Our question is what are you doing for yourself?
  • Are you reading a book you enjoy for a few moments a day?
  • Are you having your lunch at the park on the bench and taking in some sun?
  • Are you calling a friend on the drive home and sharing in memories?
  • Are you seeing a movie you really want to watch?
  • Are you having the piece of chocolate cake you have been thinking about? Just remember step 1!
  • Any and all of these things are great places to start refueling your inner tank.

One of the things that you can really do for yourself is remind yourself how awesome you really are! You might think that sounds a little crazy and silly, remember it is all about your mindset on this one.

Positive affirmations will help you get your mind in the right place each and every day. You have heard this before, we know, and we are wondering why you are not yet doing this.

Create a positive affirmation that you can say out loud each day. Post your affirmation in your bathroom to read after your shower in the morning. Post your affirmations in your car so you say them each time you get in and out of your car. Post your affirmations any place you see on a regular basis. There are many you can find online if you can’t think of your own.
If it is ok I will share with you the one I say each and every day…

“I am a positive, patient and powerful, person, parent presenter and partner” (great alliteration don’t you think?) and I have a little dance that goes with it – did I just make a fool of myself in front of you? If I did, that is great as it means step 4 has been checked off for the day! Hope you are laughing with me and not at me as my fuel gage is rising!

You can have a full tank with just a few small changes in your daily routine and break up your status quo. We hope that this series has helped you fill up.

Chadalyst – Write your positive affirmation and post it! We really mean post it…below…as your comment on this blog. Let us all share in your affirmation.

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