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Happy New Year!


This is not being posted on the wrong date at all. Why do we have to wait for December 31st/January 1st to celebrate a new start?

Just because we throw away our old calendar and hang a new one on the side of the refrigerator, that we will never look at, doesn’t make things magically change in our world. You can celebrate a new start any day of the year and you can even do it more than once if you need to.

Think about the things that happen in January as we start a new year.

  • we start a new diet that fails before Superbowl weekend
  • we join a gym that we go to for the first week and then decide it is too crowded to return
  • we focus more at work and then something doesn’t work out so we return to what we used to do
  • we keep in touch with people that we hadn’t until we remember why we stopped keeping in touch with them in the first place

New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate, a night to start over and just another night.

Pick any night such as tonight and make tomorrow your brand new start.

  • go on that diet and stick with it since you are on your own and will not rely on others
  • join a gym and get in there to start making a habit of it since most people are not working out
  • focus more at work and get more done and stand out in the crowd of people doing the same old thing
  • stop and send a card, a note, a text, or call those that you really want to keep in touch with because you choose too not because you feel you should

You can have the new start any time you want so don’t wait on the calendar to change. Your night might just not come with the fireworks or the midnight kiss.

Chadalyst – Celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight and while you are celebrating create your list of resolutions that you will stick with!

Share what changes you will start with in the comments below.

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