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What is a leader?

There I was sitting in a room with people with the title of leader. These leaders are getting ready to work with others that also have a title of leader. This made me ask the question, what makes a leader?

  • Is a leader someone who helps others figure out what to do or figures out what to do and let others witness it?
    Is a leader someone who goes first or goes last?
    Is a leader someone who tells others things or listens to others about things?

The answer to these questions is a simple one…yes.

A leader helps others figure the path and leads by example.
A leader sometimes pulls in the right direction and leads the way and other times pushes in the right direction and follows others.
A leader has answers and is always finding new answers.

Still confused? Here it is summed up in 3 simple points of what a leader does.vision

  1. Set a vision
  2. Clearly communicate that vision consistently
  3. Recruit a team to that vision

1. Set a vision – a leader should have an idea of where they currently are and where they want to go.

2. Communicate that vision – a leader should be able to share the destination with others so they want to go there as well.

3. Recruit a team – through communication a leader should be able to find others that see the same vision, hear the same vision and want to join on the journey to the final vision.

Some visions need a large team to achieve. Then there are some visions the only person you need to recruit is the one looking at you in the mirror!

You might not be a leader in title. That shouldn’t stop you from leading. In the different areas of life, we can all be leaders.

  • Maybe you are a leader in the business world.
  • Maybe you are a leader in your health choices.
  • Maybe you are a leader in the way you parent or the type of spouse you are.

The hardest person to lead is yourself so remember that YOU are a Leader and start there!


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Chadalyst – The best way to lead others is to lead yourself. Find one thing that you can lead yourself to success at, and do it! Then do it again! Soon enough people will be coming to you for the lessons you have learned and the leadership you display!

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The greatest of all time?

In the world of sports there is always the debate of the greatest of all time.

  • baseball_basketball_footballIn Football it is often Joe Montana vs Tom Brady vs (insert your choice)
  • In Baseball we hear Babe Ruth vs Ted Williams vs (insert your choice)
  • In Hockey the conversation is Wayne Gretzky vs well, nobody as this one isn’t debated that often

What about in the world of Basketball?

Would your choice be Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?
While there are many other players that could and should be added to this debate of best basketball player, for the sake of this blog these are the two we are about to look at just a little closer.

If there was just one game to win and I had to select a star to win it, Michael Jordan would be the first player that comes to mind. Even Bugs Bunny selected Michael for Space Jam!

michael jordanWhy Michael? Because Michael Jordan could run his team up and down the floor for a full 48 minutes. Making three point shots as needed. Driving to the hoop whenever he wanted, or as he is best known, slamming the ball with some highlight footage that left everyone gasping.

Looking at Michael’s career he was a 10 time scoring champion and scored over 60 points in a game 5 times!

If there was ever a player to win you that one game, Michael was it! Magic Johnson on the other hand was a very different player.

Magic JohnsonWhy Magic? He could also run his team up and down the floor for a full 48 minutes just like Michael could. That is where the similarities end though. While Michael was shooting, scoring and slamming, Magic was looking for the best opportunity on the court. Sometimes that meant that Magic was making shots and sometimes he was making passes that got the ball to the open player. Magic’s goal was making everyone around him better.

If you take a look at Magic’s career he was a 4 times assist leader and he holds the all-time record for highest career assists-per-game average.

These men are both among the greatest to play. They are also two very different players. If you had to pick the greatest of all time on the court you probably pick Jordan. The question is where are they today? Both of them remain in the public eye with their fame and their marketability.

Michael Jordan became the owner of the Charlotte Hornets and they have been an average to below average team since. Why? Because Michael is a doer. He puts everything on his back and says “follow me to victory.” This does not work for every situation that life puts in our path.

Magic on the other hand is one of the owners of the L.A. Dodgers and since he has taken over they have finished in 1st place in their division. Magic continues to bring talent to his team and assist in keeping his best players in place.

While you might take Michael Jordan for that one game, I will take Magic Johnson as a man that focused on the assists and making others around him better!

Are you making others around you better?

leadesrhip blocks

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Chadalyst – Don’t just be an All-star player now, start to think how you can develop others. Select someone that is important to you and pour into them today! Share your knowledge.

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High Low Know Go

Have you ever been in a position where you lead others and are not sure how to get the best out of them?

Have you ever found yourself needing to host a job review?

Have you ever had to coach or consult someone and you weren’t even sure where to begin?


This is where the HIGH-LOW-KNOW-GO plan comes into play.



Start the conversation off talking about the high point of the day, the week, the month, or the regular review period.

Ask for your client, staff member or team member to share what they believe is the high point and talk about it that for a few moments. See what makes them light up.

  • Was it  an interaction with a specific person?
  • Was it learning a new skill?
  • Was it helping someone solve a challenge?

As you learn about what they think was the high point you will learn even more about this person. You will understand their natural strengths and be able to help them end up in a role that will fit them like a glove.

After they have shared their thoughts, let them know what you thought the high point was for them.

  • What did they do that stood out to you?
  • What have you heard from other people they did well?

By starting the conversation with a high you will create a much more relaxed environment.



If we look at the high point, we should be honest and take a moment to talk about the low point. There will always be one no matter how great the person is we are talking with.

This could be many things such as:

  • a failure in communication
  • a lack of following up on something
  • not reaching a goal
  • maybe it is an outside issue like something happening at home that is impacting their work.

By taking the time to listen to them as they share their low point you will see where they feel they are currently failing. Do not attempt to talk them down from a ledge, just hear them and lead them on how to handle that situation better in the future. This will help your people grow and assist you as being looked at as someone who truly cares for them.

After they share their low point, you must follow and have the hard conversation of sharing your low point with them.

  • Did they miss a deadline or quota?
  • Did they gossip and cause issues around your office?
  • Did they not follow through on something you were counting on them doing?

By sharing your low point for them and hearing their low point you will find yourself developing a stronger relationship with those you work with. You will also allow them to clearly learn what you believe is important in their role.



What do they need to know that they do not already? Some people will think that they know enough and if that is the person you are working with you have learned that they are not learning based and might not be what you want on your team. Someone in a role for a long time might need to learn a new way to do something, a new skill that has become required. Someone new to a role will have a lot to know as they grow into the position.

  • Is it a book they should start reading?
  • Is this a class they need to sign up for?
  • Is this a video they should watch?
  • Is this something they need to be asking many people to get different answers so they can know what could be done in a specific situation?

Help them again self discover what they need to know, and then help them figure out where to find the answer.



Many consultations or reviews are places where people talk a lot and action is not always taken and our goal is to just get the meeting over with and make everyone feel good about themselves.

What is it that they should GO do after the meeting?

  • Should they  go complete a task they should have had done already?
  • Should they go and work on something that will help them fix their low point?
  • Should they go speak with someone?

Whatever it is that they should go do, help them self discover what it is for them and help them accomplish it. When they tell you what it is they are going to do, don’t take it away from them, just help them to make sure the go isn’t them avoiding a true task.

By now you are catching on to the pattern here and can guess that you should share with them what it is that you would like to see them go and do to move forward in their position.

To finish the HIGH-LOW-KNOW-GO you should challenge them to know something specific before your next meeting together


If you take your team, staff, family and clients through the HIGH-LOW-GO-KNOW system on a regular basis, your people will know you care, want to go through a wall for you and have your back through all of the highs and the lows!


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Chadalyst  Within the next week host a HIGH-LOW-GO-KNOW and understand that you need to KNOW how to get even more out of your team and this is a way to create more high moments.

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