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6 Most Influential

The lists have been popping up all over the place.Influence

  • Top influencers in business
  • Top influencers on Twitter
  • Top 5000 influencers

All of the influential lists are created with some sort of guidelines. The challenge is that someone who is influential to you might not be influential to me or anyone else.

The dictionary tells us that influence is defined as: the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions,etc…of others

Keeping all of that in mind, let’s now look at the people who should be influencers in your life. There is no scientific fact to this study at all. This is built from asking questions and listening closely to answers.

Remember as you work through this list, someone with influence, doesn’t mean they are a role model for you.

Here are the people who should in some way be on Your Most Influential list…

1) Your mom or dad (it is acceptable to have parents listed as one on your list or split them if you want)
Either one of your parents already made this list. They are either a person that you want to be like, or a person you don’t want to be like. Whichever it might be, they have influenced you every step of your life and shaped you to the person that you are today. One or both of your parents clearly have been a compelling force on you.

2) Your spouse/partner
Married or not married, there has been that partner along the way that influenced the way you looked at something. Did they open your mind to a different way of thinking? Did they have any effects on your actions, behavior or opinions?
Hopefully you are blessed that person became your spouse/partner and is still there doing this for you today.

3)A teacher
We all have had “that” teacher in our life that has been a huge influence leading you to where you are today. Maybe they pushed you harder than any other teacher because they saw something in you. Maybe they opened a door to an opportunity in your life. Maybe they introduced you to something that has become your passion.
Maybe you were lucky and it was your grade 1 teacher or maybe this came later in life and was a professor you had in university.

4)Best friend
You shouldn’t have to think too hard to figure this one out. This is the person that when you can’t call your spouse or your parents because you got in real trouble you will reach out to call. This person might actually have had the most influence on you and have changed your opinion on many different topics over the years.
We hope that you have this person in your life. Maybe it is also your spouse or one of your parents.

5)Work mate
This might be your boss. This could be the person at the cubicle beside you. Someone that makes you want to make that extra call, send that extra email, and stay those few extra moments each day. This person is clearly a compelling force on you.

One of these people has been influential to you. Something you have read or heard or watched them do has had an impact on your actions. Do you work out harder because you see an athlete do something you know you can do? Do you live your life by a message that you got from a book you read? Were you moved to action from a presentation by a fantastic speaker at a conference or event?

Now you have a list of who should be on Your Most Influential list and stop chasing the people who are on someone else’s list!

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Chadalyst – Take a moment and write your list. Who is the person that fits each one of these six categories? And who else still should be added to your list? Reach out and thank these people for the influence they have had on your life.

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