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Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty
Superman has Lex Luther
Tweety Bird has Sylvester

Everyone has an arch-enemy in their lives. The arch-enemy forces you to be better at what you do. You learn to think faster and push yourself farther due to your arch-enemy.

Who is your arch-enemy? Think about that question for a moment and you will come up with a name.  Who is it that comes to your mind?

  • Was it that kid in your grade 5 class that always beat you in the races?
  • Was it the student that always did great in the class and stayed ahead of you?
  • Maybe it is a business person that is one step ahead of you?

We are here to tell you the truth…your arch-enemy isn’t any of them. Your arch-enemy is there staring at you each time you look into a mirror. That’s right, your arch-enemy is you!

We are not talking some Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde issue. We are not thinking that you have gone crazy and become like Batman’s villain Two Face and you are talking to yourself.

Think of the roadblocks that keep getting in your way of success. Who puts them there when you really think about it? You do!

Think of the fear that grabs you as you are finally getting where you have always dreamed of. That fear is put in you not by anyone else other than you!

Here is the great news. In the story, be it a literary classic, a comic book or a screen play, the arch-enemy always loses to the hero. The arch-enemy might come back down the road. The good news again is that they  will once again be vanquished bu our hero.

You are that hero!

Put your arch-enemy in their place and move forward to the next level of success! There is nothing stopping you, other than you!

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Chadalyst – There is always something missing from the villain’s plan and the super hero always wins in the end. Find the weakness of your arch enemy and come out victorious!

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Fear Factor: Popular tv show or your life?

Did you ever watch the hit show Fear Factor? Many did and many will pretend they never did. Some will claim watching it as a guilty pleasure and some of you will proudly claim to have never missed an episode.

This is not a review of the show. This is a look at the many powerful lessons that Fear Factor can teach us.

Let’s take a look at how the show worked and the lessons we should learn.

Contestants would appear on the show unaware what was ahead for them.
-This sounds like almost every day in your life doesn’t it? You wake up and have no idea what is ahead for you. You think you have a handle on what is to come and sometimes it works like you think. Then again, sometimes life decides to change the plans and greets you with a flat tire, an unhappy customer, an ill family member or who knows what.

What do you fear that could be a part of any day of your life?

  • fear being alone?
  • fear heights?
  • fear spiders or snakes?
  • fear commitment?
  • fear the dark?

Once the contestants were on the show and found out some of the challenges ahead of them they had no choice other than face their fear.
-Again this is just like your life. When that unhappy customer comes in to your store or when your day puts a challenge in front of you what do you do? Do you quit and run home to hide under your blankets or do you stand up to the challenge and take it head on? You might not like it and you have to remember to face the fear that stands before you.

After each challenge some of the contestants on the show were sent home. Maybe their time was the slowest or they collected the lowest number of objects from a challenge or maybe they gave in to the fear.
-You might not win each challenge that life puts in your path and that is ok. As long as you learn from it just in case you get the chance for the same challenge one more time in your life.

At the end of the show one contestant is left standing and declared the winner. They would win a cash prize and the fame.
-As you face each of your fears and overcome them you will also be declared a winner in life and you will feel the power that comes from the confidence boost.*

Probably the most important lesson that we learn from the show (and the contestants might not have learned this one) is that we shouldn’t eat things like living worms, goat eyes or other parts of other animals.

Face your fears head on and come out a winner, just like the contestants from Fear Factor!

Chadalyst -What do you fear? We believe one of the things most people fear is success. Tell us what you fear in the comments and what you are going to do to overcome your fear.

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* Ember Seminars will not be sending any cash prizes, so overcome your fears for the powerful internal satisfaction

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