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Top 4 Takeaways from Keller Williams Family Reunion ’19

Another February means another KW Family Reunion and each year seems to outperform the year before. This year was no exception.

Over the 3 days there is a lot of information being shared and a lot of lessons being learned. There are great soundbites to takeaway from the event such as…

“You can’t have situational standards” – Cody Gibson

“The higher purpose of business is giving, sharing and caring” – Mo Anderson

People will walk away from the convention with pages and pages of notes that they will never look at again or do anything with. This is why I have taken very few notes at this event and instead listen for the few key lessons that will impact my next year. Here are my top 4 takeaways from Keller Williams Family Reunion ’19…

It’s all about the data!

Nothing matters more then data in the world we live in today. All of the power companies are fighting for the data and figuring the best ways to use your data to benefit you.
From Amazon to Facebook to Netflix they track everything you do, everything you watch, everything you share, everything you purchase and they use this data to attempt to make your world easier and more specific to you.
The real estate industry is no longer an exception and the big data has been gathered, is continued to be gathered and is finally being use to help the Keller Williams Realtor provide a better experience for the consumers.

Even the attendees at #KWFR2019 were being tracked for data through the event. Which breakout sessions did you attend? How long did you stay? Will it show up in your business growth in the near future?
By tracking the attendees and watching for patterns in sessions this will assist Keller Williams in making future Family Reunion events even more focused and powerful for the Realtors that attend.

Technology’s Job is to Make Us More Human!

Now that we have that data what will be done with it? We will be able to provide a better user experience and we will be able to focus on the consumer at a higher level then ever!
Many fear the term A.I. as they believe the movies and that Artificial Intelligence will be a group of robots and computers taking over the world.
While some evil genius out there is looking to create the real Ultron (go see Avengers 2) the real purpose of the A.I. is to assist with simple tasks which free up your doctor, your teachers and yes even your Realtors to give better service then ever before.
Lean in to the technology because it is never going to go away

It’s Still Only 1 Thing!

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan wrote a best seller and life changer when they wrote The ONE Thing and even 6 years later the book is still right!
Get your focus and stay focused. Don’t come to a convention like this, or any powerful training, and change everything you are doing just because someone makes it sound wonderful. Keep your focus and work that focus to your best level.
Remember the key that many miss in the book…It’s not just ONE thing, it’s ONE thing at a time!

The Thing That Matters Most is the WHO!

Keller Williams Family Reunion was given its name for a specific reason, the agents are family! They say that you can’t choose your family and in this case that can’t be any farther from the truth!
WHO you surround yourself with matters.
During this year’s event I got to spend lots of time with people that think, act and live bigger than I do so that I can stay challenged to grow.
Conventions like this are the chance to finally meet people you hear about in person and create relationships that can change your life.
Thank you Keller Williams for creating this opportunity most of all. Some of the best choices made during Keller Williams Family Reunion ’19 ended up being skipping a breakout session to have one on one time with the right people.

What Does It All Mean?

These top 4 lessons aren’t only lessons from a convention, these are life lesson to keep front of mind forever.

Where are you putting your data and what data are you collecting?

Are you letting technology help you be more human or are you getting lost in the technology?

Are you being focused or are you thinking that you can get everything done and forgetting that it is ONE Thing?

Who are you spending your time with? Who are you meeting? Who are you building a relationship with?

Lessons are always great looking in text…they are even more powerful when you live them!

See you at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 in Dallas TX!

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