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Stupid or Smart…You Choose

“It takes no more hours in a day to be smart than it does to be stupid!” – Gary Keller


This sounds like something my dad would have said to me, and that is just the way that Gary speaks to anyone smart enough to listen!


While Gary was hitting us with this powerful statement at Keller William’s Mega Camp, what does this really mean?


It means that YOU get the choice of how you spend each moment of your life. Even when it feels like you don’t have that choice, you still have it! You can choose the positive outlook in a negative situation just as easily as you can choose to have a negative outlook in a positive situation. *Editorial note – Why would you do the latter?


It is up to you to fill your calendar with activities that help you continue to grow smarter instead of leading you down the path of stupid.


Are you filling your calendar with powerful growth opportunities such as:
  • Masterminding and Networking with SMART people
  • Goal setting for a BIGGER life
  • Reading for personal GROWTH
  • Focusing on growing your ONE thing to becoming a leader in your industry
Or are you choosing to fill your calendar with lesser choices such as:
  • Watching your favorite soap opera
  • Eating at unhealthy restaurants
  • Sitting around with no purpose or plan and just watching grass grow (another saying my dad always enjoyed to use)
Now, we are not saying that some of those things don’t bring value to your life. Sometimes we all need to unplug and there is nothing better than getting lost in a movie or a show. The real question is how much time do you need for unplugging and how much time are you taking for unplugging?


Are you finding your calendar filled by others and letting them choose what to put on there? Then you can only hope you are surrounded by people filling your calendar with smart time.


The only thing worse that having stupid time on your calendar is not even filling in a calendar to follow. If you don’t fill in a calendar, how will you know what you NEED to do instead of what you think you should do? When presented with that choice we always choose the easy way out.


White SpaceYOU get to choose if your activities and situations are making you smarter or not. Remember that your calendar is your true boss. Make sure you get your goals to show up by the activities on your calendar and then each day remember to ask your calendar what you should be doing. Then, do THAT!


Time block well as you get to choose if those minutes, hours and days are going to be helping you become “more stupid” or smarter.


If you are ready to learn more about time blocking with smart time contact me to learn how to bring the official The ONE Thing Workshop to youONEThing Certified

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Chadalyst – Get out a calendar, any calendar from a day planner to Google, and start filling it in. Remember to add smart time to that calendar today by putting exercise, reading and networking, with the right people. Don’t leave white space!

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Don’t run out of decision-making fuel

It doesn’t matter if you are a morning person or a night owl, whatever time we start the day we all start it the same way.We each start our day with a limited amount of decision-making ability.

Think of your decision-making as though it was the gas tank for your vehicle. In this case you are driving an older model then you might want so make sure you keep your vehicle in good shape. Of course we hope you have figured out that we are speaking of you, not your car.

Are you the type of person that runs your vehicle (again, we are not really talking about your car) until the little red light turns on, you get alert messages that you are on fumes and you are not going to get much farther? Not the place to be if an emergency comes up.Decision-Making full tank

It would seem that some of us have a larger tank that others in this area. Not so. What the real difference is, some people know how to use their decision-making ability better than others.

Don’t use up your decision-making fuel on some of the easier things to handle.

  • Before calling it a night, pick out your outfit for the next day. Don’t waste any of your valuable morning decision-making juice on this choice. In the morning most people can’t think straight and just to get moving will put on different socks, outfits that no normal person would wear or spend time going through 3 or 5 different options.
  • Do you work out in the morning? Lay out your workout clothes the night before as well. This will make it harder to say no to the workout and will prime your pump for the rest of the day.
  • Before you call it a day and leave your place of work, leave the most important thing for you to do first thing the next day front and center on your desk. Don’t come in to work and start thinking about what you should tackle first, have it ready and waiting.

Save your decision-making fuel for the hard choices such as:

  • ordering the healthier meal at lunch
  • a big decision that needs to be made at work
  • an issue that comes up with the family over dinner

There are days we can coast through and end the day with a full tank still and there are days we will run out of decision-making fuel and have that extra gallon of ice cream right before bed. Decision-Making Empty tank
Set yourself up for success by setting yourself up with habits each and every day!


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Chadalyst  Conserve your fuel – plan your calendar and stick to it and you won’t have to make decisions on small things.

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Change – good or bad

Metathesiophobia is the fear of changes. You might not suffer from this fear and you still might find yourself unsure of what to do when change is upon you.

Most people do not seek out change. These people will go out of their way to avoid change. They like having their routine in place. The unknown is something they wish to leave unknown.

There are a handful of people that are always looking for change. They are never happy with the status quo and are always looking to bring change and revolution to those around them.

Then there are people who don’t think twice when faced with change. They understand the lessons that come from change. These are the people that understand that change is inevitable and when a detour is placed before them instead of expressing their frustration they make the needed turn and enjoy the new path.

Those that have the most success dealing with change are those that learn from mistakes, find the lessons in everything and always have their eyes open before deciding too soon if it is a good change or a bad change.

Change EverydayThere are many types of change that we will experience in our lives. Some of the change we can control such as moving to a new home or city, getting a new job, or starting a new relationship or maybe even ending a relationship.

Some of these same changes we have no control over such as having to move to a new home or a new city, getting a new job, or the ending of a relationship.

Some change we almost all can enjoy. Such as when we get a new vehicle or new gadget and run around showing it off happy for the change that we brought upon ourselves.

The biggest challenge with change is when it is change that is out of our control. Our company makes a change that we have to adopt. We lose a family member and changes are needed. Sometimes change could just be a favorite store closing a location.

The main thing to remember when you are facing change is that change is neither good nor is it bad.

We are unable to look at change and figure if it is good or bad for many years if ever.

Was that move to a new city good? Think of the people you met because of the move. Think of the people you didn’t meet?

A new job, whether it was your choice or your past employers choice, was it a good change? Maybe your old job you would have been dead-ended in and stuck doing the same thing and your new job has opened doors to you and excited you about opportunities again.

Was it a good change or a bad change that a relationship ended? Who knows. Were you being held back from growth and what opportunities might you be missing out. What growth has come from your next relationship?

Just take a moment and when change is placed in front of us. Just breathe and we won’t overreact. We don’t know if it is a good change or a bad change for many days, weeks, months, years or we might never know. We will just get used to the new status quo until the next change occurs.

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Chadalyst Take a moment and reflect on a change that happened that you were concerned with and find all of the positive events that have come from that moment.

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It starts with a beep, a chirp, a bell tone and after that, you are finished!


Now after you have seen what was so important to someone else it is time for you to get back to what you were doing.

Our good friend Dug, the dog in the movie UP, was the one to bring this our attention. We were all too busy being distracted to really even notice the problem.

Production numbers are down in companies in all industries and everyone is looking for the reason. The reason is right in front of us every single moment of every single day. We are too busy having to be “in the loop” all the time.

You sit at your desk getting into whatever project you have going on. Maybe you are writing a report, an email or creating a presentation for a meeting later that day. SQUIRREL! Just like that your focus is pulled to your smart phone that just beeped at you with a text, an email, a social media update and even if you don’t go to look at it your focus has been pulled.

We are even betting that your focus was pulled just by the word standing out as you were reading. Did your eyes jump ahead at the color and force you to then go back and catch up on reading?

Take a moment and turn off the notifications on your smart phone so that YOU can control when things happen. Before we had cell phones people waited to hear from us. Even with a pager people sent us a message and knew we would get back to them soon. Now with the technology advances instant gratification isn’t fast enough and people want you to reply as soon as they send the message (we are included in that)

Slow down a little. Believe it or not you will get more done if you finish one task before thinking about another one.



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Chadalyst – Change the settings on your smart phone right now…stop reading, don’t comment…change them!

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Change – Are you ready for it?

Woody Allen is known for many things and credited as being the person that first said…If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.

Ever plan a trip? What happens just before you leave? You get busy!
Ever plan a big event? What happens? The weather gets in the way or you find yourself under the weather.
Ever think you have it all set and ready to go? If I may be so bold as to quote God “HA HA that’s what you think”

This isn’t all bad and usually finds us in a place that we should have been instead of where we thought we were going.

Have a goal. Have a target. Have a plan. Just be ready for changes to come your way.

These changes, these challenges and these moments are what develop our character and help us to find out who we really are.

Are you the person that is calm under pressure or the one that breaks down and ends up in the corner not sure what to do? Are you on that thrives on the unexpected or one that needs things to go as planned? Are you someone who can be truly counted on by those that would need you?

Are you ready for your plans to be changed at a moments notice? Here are a few things you can do to be as ready as possible…
1) Take a moment to tell those in your life that are important to you how you feel. This way you will never regret if something is taken from you
2) Forget about your Bucket List – that is a list of things you will do “one of these days” Instead look at your list and figure out your Carousel Rings on that list and grab them! Not sure what your carousel rings are just check out this past posting

3) Journal all of it! Your thoughts, your feelings, your memories. Capture them someplace that you will have them forever and be able to share them with those closest to you.

Do these things and when your plans are changed be it a little thing or a big thing you will be able to deal with it better!

Chadalyst – Be ready for change – if it can happen, it will happen when you are least ready for it. How will you prepare?

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Things we have learned from characters named Hulk

It doesn’t matter your age as you probably know who The Hulk is. You also probably have an idea of who the colorful wrestler Hulk Hogan is. We can learn a lot from both of these characters. Let’s take a look at some of these important lessons…

1)Control your anger
This would be an obvious one as The Hulk was awoken with anger. Quietly living within Bruce Banner until the anger would overtake him and The Hulk would be released upon those provoking the anger. The Hulk would then SMASH everything he could and Bruce Banner would have to deal with the consequences later by repairing relationships or often having to leave town.

The lesson – before allowing your anger to take over, think of the mess that will be made and the possible consequences.

2)Never give up
This was a lesson that Hulk Hogan reminded us almost every big wrestling match he entered into. At some point during the battle the Hulkster would be down and out as his opponent was dishing out the punishment. It would get so bad that the ref would come over and lift Hulk’s arm in the air to see if he was still conscious. The first check and the second check would result in the same thing – no reaction. The third time the arm was raised it stayed up and Hulk Hogan began to battle back and overcome the odds to snatch victory!

The lesson – no matter how grim a situation is looking, if you have enough fight in you there is no reason to quit.

3)Sometimes being a character is a good thing
Could you imagine the fear in the eyes of a super villain if Bruce Banner told them to stop? Once The Hulk shows up then the situation is taken a little more seriously. The same for Hulk Hogan as he would enter a wrestling ring ripping his shirt off and dancing to fire up the fans and creating distractions for his competition.

The lesson – often we need to get out of our shell and allow the character within to shine. This can also be a great way to distract others from things we don’t want them to see as they focus on what we are showing them.


There is much to learn from characters named Hulk and many victories to be gained by following these lessons.

Let your inner character out to shine.

Chadalyst Take a moment and write down the things that make you angry and bring out your Hulk to wreak havoc on everything and everyone around you. Now that you are aware of these things what will you do to control your outbursts?

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