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Time flies when…

We have all heard the expression that “time flies when we are having fun” and yet there is so much more to it.

Why does time fly when we are having fun? It flies because we are distracted and not paying attention to the clock. We are enjoying our life and making wonderful memories. We are being distracted from the small stuff. Our internal clock stops keeping track of all the things we need to get done and allows time to fly past.
Then there are times that we are doing something we don’t want to do or that is taking a lot of effort. Maybe that is the effort of running a race. It might be the effort of having to sit through another dull meeting at the office. For you it could be waiting in the dentist office for your turn. Any of these things make time feel like it is moving at the pace of a snail.

Interestingly enough, an hour is an hour, a minute is a minute, and a second is a second and that never changes. A great day might feel like it is over too quickly yet it takes the same 24 hours, 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds as that other day that seemed as though it would never end.

The question is if you have the same amount of time either way, which way would you prefer to pass those moments?

If you said really slowly so you can feel like you have more time then we wish you the best in a slow life that you are subjecting yourself to.

On the other hand if you said, let the hours fly by, then we challenge you to fill each of those hours with things that you love to do! This will make the time feel like it is just racing through your fingers in a great way. Play sports, find a career you enjoy, make time for your family, learn a language, take a trip and whatever else fires you up. In other words forget that bucket list of things you might get to at some point and grab for the carousel ring.

Time is going to pass one way or another so enjoy it as it passes, quickly we hope.
Chadalyst -what is something that makes time fly in your life? Let us know in the comments and schedule a time for whatever it is in the next 30 days.

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Forget your bucket list and grab for your carousel rings.

Have you ever heard the term, bucket list? It is a list of things to do before you die. The expression comes from the term “kicked the bucket.” Don’t worry this blog is not morbid, just stay with us…

Squirrel moment (that is a small distraction that doesn’t matter) It was also quite an entertaining movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as two terminally ill guys that follow their list of things to do before they die.

A bucket list is something you are told to create by many inspirational trainers, coaches and leaders. They ask you to do this to help you figure out the things that you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” While we hope that is no time soon of course, we also have no idea of when that will be. Do you?

Since you don’t know when you might reach the end, you have no idea of what to do with your bucket list.We think it is wonderful that you wish to cage dive with sharks or skydive or see Greece or write your book or whatever items made your list. The important question becomes, when should you start?

Right now!

Forget your bucket list and figure out what your carousel rings are.

Grab for your carousel rings

Carousel rings, for those of you that have no idea, are rings that were hung next to a carousel for the riders to attempt to grab as they went past on their horse. The rider would then toss the ring at a target while continuing around for their ride. If you were lucky enough to grab the brass ring from the group, you usually earned yourself a free ride.

How does this apply to you?

You might have this great bucket list as we mentioned already. It is filled with amazing things you are going to do….someday. You just hope that day will be before you run out of time.

These, carousel rings are the short-term goals that you are going to grab as you go past. Not your “someday” items that are on your bucket list. These are things you are going to do in the next 3-6 months!

What sort of things were on your bucket list that you really want to accomplish? Get them off your bucket list and make them carousel rings and don’t wait any longer!

Sit down to start that book. Set your appointment to jump from a plane. Reserve your trip to Greece. If you don’t do these things now…when will you?

You might never know when your time is up and you need to have finished the items on your bucket list. What you do know is that the music on the carousel is about to stop and you better grab those rings right away!

Chadalyst – Write out 2 Carousel Rings with timelines on when you will get them completed. Remember this is no farther out than 3-6 months. Book the reservation now, set the dates, or even better just get started! Post in the comments below what you are going to do and when so we can all share or post on the question on our Facebook page.

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Don't wait and grab your carousel rings right away

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