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Meet Chad Hyams

A key trailblazer in real estate tech instruction,  Chad’s history in the field of real estate is interwoven with change, growth and experience. He has built a science of communicating overwhelming  topics in a simple understandable way and educating a field of ready willing and able students on social media and internet marketing strategy. Rising to success in 19 years of real estate, he is a humble student in the field of technology that is helping real estate agents globally discover their inner “geek.”

Over the years thousands have learned life skills from Chad through the Ember Seminars program.

Chad brings a high level of energy to webinars, keynotes and smaller workshop programs. Chad has succeed in understanding adult learning styles and with this he is able to inspire the audience into growth and change.

Contact Ember Seminars to arrange a time for Chad to come speak for your group

Find Chad on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter  if you are interested in learning more about him.

Comments on: "Meet Chad Hyams" (5)

  1. Thanks for the class today, Chad! 40 characters.

  2. […] Chad Hyams of Ember Seminars and Keller Williams Realty will be traveling to The Woodlands, Texas on October 25th to speak on the 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook and teach the Took Kit class. Chad Hyams is a renowned speaker on the topic of technology and how it relates to the real estate industry. Chad Hyams has spoken to thousands of Realtors across the country including attendees of MAPS Mega Camp and Keller Williams Family Reunion. […]

  3. […] makes the most appointments will enjoy a dinner with both Productivity Coach, Jeremy Williams and Ember Seminars, Chad […]

  4. […] How do you have the best year ever in your real estate business? This question is answered by Chad Hyams, the Regional Area Director for Keller Williams Realty Southeast Region and The Voice of Reason. […]

  5. Absolutely loved your breakout class today. You hit so many things I have been thinking about right on it’s head.

    You get it.

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