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Chad Hyams’ Survival Guide for the 2020 Keller Williams Family Reunion

Love is in the air as family comes together for their annual reunion and this year it is in Dallas Texas! As usual the Keller Williams Family Reunion is over the Valentine’s Day weekend so kiss your family and get to Dallas.

You only get around 74 hours to make the most of Family Reunion. With that in mind you need to make sure you get your unfair share of the powerful learning, the world class networking and all of the available hands-on training ahead. This means you need a plan BEFORE you head to Dallas for the event.

Read on as we share with you tips and strategies that work year after year to make the event the best possible event for you and your business.

Why do I write this each year? Because people keep asking for it. Each year as people read this they find a lesson or a tip they missed the year before, so share this with anyone and everyone you know is planning to be at the Keller Williams Family Reunion event.

This event can be overwhelming to everyone and that includes the experienced attendees.  Use this guide to make the most of your trip to Dallas. This will be limited to open activities inside the Convention. If you are looking for places to eat, drink or party there will be MANY postings to get that information.

My name is Chad Hyams, and I have been attending Keller Williams Family Reunion for well over a decade and I have been there in many different roles. I have attended with many different perspectives:

  • Agent
  • Team Leader
  • Vendor
  • General Manager
  • MAPS Coach
  • Growth and Productivity Director for the Southeast Region
  • Trainer
  • Breakout Session Leader
  • Southeast Regional Director for an Expansion team
  • Casual observer

And this year I will attending to help out in the Brivity booth so come by and say hello!

Is this your first time or your 10th time? Are you an agent a Market Center leader or someone looking closer at what KW has to offer? None of that matters. What matters is that you attend and that you attend with purpose and a plan!

Family Reunion Survival Guide!

First let’s focus on getting you to Dallas. By plane, train, boat or car make sure you have your plan in place and know who you are traveling with!

Do you have your hotel or your AirBnB booked? Don’t stress this too much because you won’t be spending too much time in the room, so book one, share one, whatever works for you.

 ***BONUS Tip – Not attending? Make sure you are following #KWFR and #KWFR2020 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share in the AHA’s.

REMEMBER that if you are attending please use the hashtag when posting about the event for those that aren’t attending! You might find your social media post on the big screens at the event!

 ***BONUS Tip 2 – Don’t be the person looking for an outlet and causing traffic or blocking others from getting where they are going. Before you leave order a battery charger and you will be fine. Click here to get yours before the event.

Before you pack for the trip to Dallas make sure you take a moment and visit the official website FamilyReunion.KW.com and check out all of the breakout sessions in advance so you can get ready for the event.

It is important to put first things first.

Set aside some time before you get on the road to Dallas and figure out where you want to be during the event. Do NOT wait until the night before or the morning of to plan your day.

The most important thing to know before you start planning is what is the ONE topic you want to really dive deeply into? You have heard that WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS so for KWFR this year are you focused on buyers, sellers, open houses, technology, time blocking, or something different? Find the 2 sessions you want to attend in each time block that cover your area of focus. Why 2? You want to have a backup in place just in case. In the past many sessions filled so fast that doors were closed and you had to attend something else. Be ready for when that happens! You also might just figure out that you will are sitting in a wrong session for you and be glad to have Plan B in place!

***BONUS Tip 3 – To make the most of Keller Williams Family Reunion figure out your ONE question in advance. What is it you really want to learn if you could learn just one thing?

Now ask at least 100 different people at the event your question. You never know who you will end up asking. You will talk to MAPS Coaches, agents with different levels of experience or different views from parts of the country. You will ask Team Leaders, instructors and who knows you could find yourself asking the president of the company, so be prepared. 

Remember ask that question of AT LEAST 100 people! Here is what will happen when you do that? You will get 100 different answers of course. Although when you take the time later to look at the answers you will figure out that really you only got 3 or 4 answers. This will help you narrow your focus and actually apply something instead of becoming overwhelmed with amazing ideas.

OK now that we have talked about planning for the event, let’s get into the meat of the actual event.

Make The Most Of Your Time at Family Reunion
(because there isn’t a lot of it!)

Plan on Chaos. With an event this size, there is nothing to do other than anticipate it. People will be confused and be found running left and right around the convention center. Some people will just be standing still completely lost. People will have conversations in the strangest place. All of these people will always seem to be in your path.

This will not be you if you take the time to prepare! For you, Keller Williams Family Reunion should be a CONTROLLED CHAOS.

The first lesson of the day is do NOT sleep in. Being in a hotel doesn’t mean you are on a vacation! The early morning breakout sessions are a great place to meet people before the day gets hectic.

If you are an early bird you should be able to be awake and even set a breakfast appointment each morning. You have to eat, they have to eat, so why not plan to eat together. Take the time to develop a relationship and share ideas from the day before.

If you are a Starbucks person, or just someone that needs coffee before talking to anyone in the morning, remember the lines will get long quickly!

***BONUS Tip 4 – Spend as LITTLE of your extra time with the people from your Market Center. You can see them when you get home! Branch out as this is your chance to meet and connect with new people. Who do you want to meet, talk with, question? 

If you are not sure about getting a breakfast meeting set or who to set it with then at least bring workout clothes because you never know whom you might get to be running beside on a treadmill, or let me know and I will run with you one morning.

The one-on-one opportunity over a meal (or at the bar – more on that later) at KWFR will be the best use of your time. Make the time to connect with people while surrounded by thousands of family members that you don’t know. The training at the event will pale in comparison to the relationships you create. 

*** FOLLOW UP Tip  – Plan for these meetings in advance! Who is it that you would love to get some time with a Family Reunion? Reach out to them NOW and tell them that you would like to meet and schedule a meeting over breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks. Hurry because calendars are filling already. 

A key to making it a great event is to be sure that you do not show up at Keller Williams Family Reunion thinking you have the answer. Go with an open mind to hear what others are sharing. It is too often that we hear people at the event saying things like “that would never work in my town” and these are the ones that should have saved the money and stayed home. If you walk out of a session or conversation knowing The ONE Thing that you will implement then the event will be a success. 

Gary Keller told a group of us years ago at a much smaller Family Reunion event that if you get your AHA, don’t go looking for another one. Take your AHA, implement it! Your goal should not be to go home with the fullest notebook, it should be to go home and make change that will bring growth!

Family Reunion Exhibit Hall

Probably one of my favorite places at the event is the Exhibit Hall. This is when I get to be a kid again and go TRICK OR TREATING! As soon as you get to the exhibit hall (and do this as early in the event as possible) zip up and down the aisles to each booth and grab whatever they are giving away (anything from pens to magnets to candy) and of course make sure you grab their information handouts. Just like on Halloween you always remember the house with the big candy bar!

***BONUS Tip  5– Even though the vendors might not like hearing this (I didn’t when I was a vendor) on your first pass through the hall do NOT bring your credit card. Do NOT let impulse shopping make choices for you. You have lots of time to spend your money.

Before you even head to Dallas figure out what your budget is for new services, CRM, software, websites, marketing, and other items you might consider. When you have one of those moments that you are actually back in your hotel room with no pressure review all of the materials you grabbed. Stick to your budget and remember the lesson from MREA to Lead With Revenue! Vendors will tell you that signing up will return at least one transaction to pay for the services. Make sure you have the money first!

With the marketing materials you took, while in your room make notes on which vendors you want to return and visit later. None of the vendors will run out of what they are selling on the first day.

  • Do you need KW branded clothing? Leave room in your suitcase
  • Do you want some great reading? Hit the KW bookstore
  • Do you want to develop a relationship with a new preferred vendor? Find some time to talk.

The magic bullet is a lie and the challenge is that Realtors are all looking for the newest magic bullet. If you listen to the experts speaking on panels and in breakout sessions and you will find out that there are no magic bullets. The message that they are all telling you is work, work, work. Keep that in mind as you shop, shop, shop. Find things that work and generate more business for you… those are the things to invest in on the exhibit floor.

Group Sessions

You do not want to miss the large sessions offered at Family Reunion. Although that doesn’t mean you have to push, shove, get trampled to get into the big room. These sessions will usually be broadcast in the Vendor hall as well with lots of seats. You will notice that nothing competes with these on the agenda.


Welcome Party 3:00pm-6:00pm If you are in town you might as well check out the party!


State of YOUR Company 1:00pm-3:00pm

IALC Meeting 3:30pm-5:00pm (go see how your company makes decisions)


Vision Speech             9:30am-11:00pm You don’t need to take photos of every slide, they are usually posted within 48 hours and you look silly using your iPad as a camera

Mo Anderson Book Signing 1:45pm-3:15pm

Red Bash Happy Hour 5:00pm-6:00pm

Red Bash                     6:00pm-8:00pm


Gary Keller interviews Simon Sinek       9:30am-11:00am
Do I really need to say anything about this opportunity?


Inspirational Morning  9:30am-11:00am (more below)

IF you want to see your hometown friends then this is time! During these large sessions, plan in advance where your group is going to meet. Remember otherwise you should spend time with people you only see at national events!

When Sessions Are Out

Family Reunion is a 24-hour a day opportunity so make the most of each of those hours! Just because you are not in a breakout session doesn’t mean there isn’t a great opportunity to learn. Some of the best ideas are shared in hotel lobbies, certain bars and even poolside. Check out the different hotel lobbies and see which one becomes “the” place to be.

Remember that while you are out, anything that happens at #KWFR2020 probably ends up on Facebook before the night is over! Be smart and be safe.

Lunch Break

If you don’t know what to do during the lunch break you haven’t been reading. Find someone you don’t know to sit with or make sure you have arranged a lunch meeting in advance. 

 ***BONUS Tip 6 – On Monday during the lunch break I will be leading an “off the book” mastermind session in room 162-164 Grab your boxed lunch, grab a friend and come join us!

Inspirational Morning

This part of Family Reunion deserves its own section. There are too many agents that decide to leave town the night before to save money. To those that leave, you are missing one of the key things that makes Keller Williams the company it is. During the morning of the last day, Mo Anderson shares with everyone unbelievable true stories. You will hear tales of hardship, loss, and disaster and all of it will end with someone overcoming a challenge in a way that makes you want to change the world. Get there early as seats fill. Take this last chance to share a special moment with someone you don’t know, as you will be able to relive the stories with your traveling partners when you get back home.

***BONUS Tip 7 – If this is your first Inspirational Morning, bring Kleenex with you.

And now for a Few More Tips

Social Media

Warn your audience that you might be a little crazy with your Keller Williams postings!

Use the hashtag #KWFR2020. Share with each other, find each other and share with those that were unable to join the event in person.

Business Cards

Remember, it isn’t about how many cards can you hand out. That’s just a way to spend your money. COLLECT cards from others you so control the conversation. Give cards to people that you trade with, or just connect through KELLE

Challenge yourself to meet and exchange cards with someone from every state so you can create a referral network of your own 

Be prepared!

Make the most of this event by setting goals for Keller Williams Family Reunion

  • What do you want to learn about?
  • Who are you hoping to meet and get a moment to talk with?
  • What do you need to find out about in the exhibit hall and what should you avoid spending money on?

74 Hours is Not a Lot of Time

Before you know it all of these hours will have come and gone. What will you have to show for it?

  • A notebook full of stuff you never will look at again just so you could show someone you took notes?
  • A headache because you thought you would skip the early sessions and you could stay out all night?
  • A stack of business cards you collected that you will do nothing with? Or worse that you will put in your database for no real reason?

OR will you use your time to:

  • Develop a referral network
  • Focus on the ONE (ok maybe two) things that you WILL implement into your business
  • Meet new people and learn why this isn’t just a convention, it is a FAMILY REUNION

Looking for me at #KWFR?

If you are looking to find me at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 I will be at the Brivity booth or there will be my annual Off-The-Books Open Mastermind on Monday February 17th during the lunch break in Room 162-164…Just get your box lunch and come join us (and bring me a cookie)

Please share this with ANYONE that should have this information!

If you found this information helpful, please share it with your Market Center, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or email it on to others.

I can’t wait to see you all at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 and hope you will come find me to say hello! If not, I will see you online and remember to DO GOOD!

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