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Binge Business

binge watchingDo you block out the weekend when you hear that the next season of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black or Game of Thrones is going to be released?

Do you get caught up on season after season of Dexter, The Walking Dead, 24, Breaking Bad or any of the other series available on Netflix?

Do you record episodes of your favorite shows and watch a few episodes On Demand when you have the chance to get caught up?

If you do any of these things you are a binge watcher. Welcome to the club!

It might be your desire to know what happens next without waiting. It might be your personality that says “I can have it so I will take it.” It might be that you don’t have the time to commit weekly and want to get it over with.

Whichever reason it is, have you stopped to take a moment and considered Binge Business for yourself?

If you can drop in front of a television screen for hours on end to view a show, what is stopping you from dropping yourself in front of a phone and calling ALL of your database in one sitting or door knocking a whole community in one day?

If you can block off the time to catch up on a show, are you able to give your business the same focus and schedule time to do your business’ most important things?

In the world of sales there are people that tell you to put aside a set number of hours each day to focus on your priority. What if it works better for you to binge? Set one day a week to do nothing other than your priority and get it done for the week. Set all of your meetings on one day and power through like the 3rd season of your favorite show.

It doesn’t matter if you watch your shows non-stop binge style, daily or weekly you have the power to do the same thing with your business!


Whether you binge or record shows, we know that the main reason you do it is to avoid commercials!Remember that in your business life as well and skip the interruptions that keep you from the action!


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