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New Year’s Resolution #Failure

Has your 2014 resolution failed already? Don’t feel badly. Studies show us that 88% of all resolutions that are set, fail and most of them, fail quickly.

We flip the calendar from December to January and two things happen. We write the wrong year on our contracts and checks and we create resolutions that are not based in reality.New Years Resolution Failure

The reason that resolutions fail is that we set an unrealistic expectation of ourselves. We figure that just because the calendar changed from December to January that we will be a new person. Amazingly we don’t think that when we change from May to June, why not?

For us it does not have to be that way. Instead of an unrealistic resolution set a realistic goal for yourself.

  • If your resolution was to workout each day and you didn’t work out last year at all, how about setting a goal to start to work out 3 times a week.
  • If your resolution was to not eat any more sweets, and we know how that worked out last year when we made that same resolution, set a goal to cut your sweets in half (I mean the amount you eat, not cut them in half so you can save some for later)
  • If your resolution was to talk to 50 people everyday about business and last year you didn’t talk to 50 people in a month, just set a goal to talk to 10 people a day for now.

One of the best things to remember is that we do not have to wait for next January to set new goals. Find the success that comes from these small steps and push them to the next level in February by working out 4 times a week, eating half the sweets you are still eating, and talking to 20 people about business.

By the end of this year you will be talking to more people than you thought, working out harder and faster than you originally even believed and eating healthier than ever.

The key is to remember, it starts with realistic goals not unbelievable resolutions.

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