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Successful Sales Contests

Business slow? Need to motivate the troops? Looking to figure out the best way to run a successful sales contest?

It doesn’t matter the time of year you run your contest if you can remember these 5 simple steps needed to run a successful sales contest.

We already know the 3 Rs of education. Actually this could explain the state of education in our country when only one of the 3 Rs really starts with R! Sorry for thinking out loud.

Women all know the 4 Cs of diamonds and men should quickly learn them.

By learning the 5 Ss you will understand the best way to build this powerful motivational tool.

  1. Short – The time frame for any sales contest must be short. Depending on your industry that is going to be 30-90 days. Some contests results will need time to show up. Do not plan to run a contest all year long as it will lose energy quickly. Start strong and finish fast!
  2. Simple – To make your tournament work it must be simple to all of the people that it is meant to inspire. That means simple to them to understand and that means choosing one thing for your contest to focus on. Your contest is about new clients, new sales, larger sales or whatever your goal is. Your sales challenge cannot be all in one!
  3. Self-scoring – Whatever the format you are using for your contest at work it must be one that the contestants can score themselves. This will allow them to know where they stand at all times. Of course you have to be able to track the contest as well with something specific for the honest final results.
  4. Synergistic – A contest should never be mano-a-mano. Have people work together and they will motivate each other and encourage each other to reach for the highest level possible. Small teams within your larger team will make your race more fun to run.
  5. Spotlight – Studies have shown that it isn’t the cash, the trip or whatever you are offering as a prize that motivates people. It is the spotlight that they seek in one form or another. Some want it really bright and focused on them. Others want to hide from it most of the time and still want the recognition that comes from winning and being the best. The earned respect is the best way to run a successful sales contest.Of course prizes along the way help

Keep it simple and short, just like this blog post and success will be yours.

You have known about the 3 Rs and about the 4 Cs. Now you know the 5 Ss. Keep them in mind and you will run a successful sales contest time and time again! Run a Successful Sales Contest



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