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Cell Phone Etiquette

Can you hear me now? How about now? Now? Is this better? Forget it I will call you later!!!

Sound like words you have said before? Everyone has at one point or another and we are here to help you understand some cell phone etiquette. After you master these, share them with others so we can all show a little more respect to people around us, people on the other end of the phone and to our phones themselves!

Here are the Top 10 tips we can share with you…

Yelling into cell phone1)Yelling at the phone doesn’t make it easier for the other party to hear you. Actually it probably makes it more difficult to understand what the heck you are yelling into my ear. The only people who will hear you better when you do this are all of the people around you that don’t want anything to do with your conversation! Keep it down PLEASE!

2)There are just some moments that the phone should not be answered and while you are in the bathroom is one of them. See number #8 for another opportunity to leave the phone alone. If you are in the bathroom, be in the bathroom. If you insist on having your phone in there with you, check email, check Facebook, play a game of Temple Run, just don’t answer the phone. The person on the other end will appreciate this as will all of the other people in the bathroom if this is a public bathroom. Want to communicate with someone while in the john, well that is what text messaging is for!

3)Just as we don’t drink and drive, we shouldn’t cell phone and drive. That means talking or texting. If you are going to use your phone in the car make sure your car has bluetooth, or you have an ear piece and you are able to be hands free. Wait until a red light or a stop to start dialing please.

4)Now and then we all have a moment when we pull out our phone to play a game to pass the time. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor once again and get headphones so we don’t have to listen to the annoying background music from Subway Surfers or whatever you are playing at this time.

5)We know that you think they aren’t talking to you although when you are at the movies and they ask you to turn your phone off, that doesn’t just mean so it doesn’t ring. Turn your phone off! There are few things more aggravating then right as the killer is about to be revealed that someone checks their email and the dark atmosphere of the theater is now completely filled with the light of your screen.

6)Did you know that there is a delay in conversation over cell phones? Stop cutting the other person off and let them finish their thought before you jump in and are both speaking at the same time. Come to think of it this is a lesson in life etiquette as well!!!

7)If you find yourself without your phone or the battery on your phone has died and you must make a call, be considerate when you borrow someone else’s phone. Our phones become a personal extension of us and even our secret keepers. If you can actually remember the phone number you are calling (since most of us don’t remember phone numbers anymore thanks to our phone doing it for us) stay out of their messages while on their phone.

8)We mentioned in tip #2 that there are times to not answer your phone. It is sad that we even have to add this one to our list. PLEASE do not answer during intimate moments with another person.First it will be considered rude to the person you are talking to at that time. And probably more importantly it will be considered very rude to your partner.

9)Another life lesson that we will share with you in regards to our cell phones is this. If you are with someone in person be with that person in person! Stay off the phone when you are supposed to be at a meal with someone, out for the day with someone or otherwise engaging in some personal face to face time. If it is too difficult for you to resist the vibration or the ring of your phone, flip it off. At least set it to airplane mode so you can use your camera if needed and not worry about the call you really didn’t need to answer.

10)The last tip we want to share with you about cell phone etiquette would be to control your ringtones. It might be cute to have “your song” play when your spouse calls you or your school song play when you college friends ring you. Control your ringtones and choose wisely so we don’t have the foul language coming from your phone, the annoying dogs barking or other unneeded sounds that you let ring longer than needed because they entertain you.

If you can remember just half of these tips, the people around you and the people you are communicating with on the phone will all appreciate you just a little bit more. And what more could we ask for?

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