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Upgrade Everything

We are looking for upgrades everywhere we look.

We are always hoping to get that upgrade:

  • To first class on our flight
  • To the nicer hotel room
  • To the extra feature added to our car

While we are always looking for an upgrade to be handed to us, how often are we offering that upgrade to others?

When you meet someone for the first time are you just going through the motions of an introduction or are you upgrading that person’s life with your meeting?

When you are seeing someone who you haven’t seen in a long time are you paying attention to the answer after you ask the typical question or are you upgrading that person in some way?

When you ask a question, are you asking the simple question or are you upgrading that question to a high-class question to really spark conversation?

When you work with someone are you going through the motions or are you taking the time to upgrade your participation and focus on the task at hand?

We look for upgrades in material ways. We hope to bring an upgrade to others. Don’t forget the most important upgrade that we need to consider and that is upgrading ourselves.

Do you upgrade each day in some way?

  • Read a passage from a book to learn something
  • Excercise to improve our health
  • Make a better choice with our meals to help upgrade our health

Upgrading is a powerful term and if you take a moment to upgrade everything you do your results will become first class!

Upgrade Everything

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Comments on: "Upgrade Everything" (2)

  1. Great concept! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I am enjoying your professional unfolding Chad. Well done.

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