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Thanksgiving shouldn’t come just once a year

Thanksgiving is upon us and it is a day of traditions.

  • the Macy’s Parade
  • eating turkey
  • watching football
  • taking a moment to think of the things we are thankful for
  • time with our family

I am sure that Facebook will blow up with all of the posts about the things that everyone is thankful for this year.

  • Good health
  • Business success
  • Love in their life
  • Their iPhone 5
  • and many other things

Before you read on, pause for a moment. What is it that you are really thankful for?

  • A roof over your head?
  • The friendship given by another that you can always count on?
  • A person that loves you so much that even when you are impossible to deal with they are still there?

Now, take your thankfulness a step further and get off Facebook and the other social networks. It is wonderful that you are sharing with all of us what and who you are thankful for. You might even make it a special day for someone by publicly thanking them.

Here is what will really matter when everyone finally wakes up from the turkey nap.

  • Pick up the phone and call the people you are thankful for
  • Take a moment during the parade or football game to write a card and send it to the person you want to thank
  • If you are able to actually see that person, hug them, pat them on the back, or however you show affection and tell them how important they are

Thanksgiving will come and go on our calendar. It should never end in your heart!

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Chadalyst – Share with us in the comments who and what you are thankful for and then go thank that person in real life!

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Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty
Superman has Lex Luther
Tweety Bird has Sylvester

Everyone has an arch-enemy in their lives. The arch-enemy forces you to be better at what you do. You learn to think faster and push yourself farther due to your arch-enemy.

Who is your arch-enemy? Think about that question for a moment and you will come up with a name.  Who is it that comes to your mind?

  • Was it that kid in your grade 5 class that always beat you in the races?
  • Was it the student that always did great in the class and stayed ahead of you?
  • Maybe it is a business person that is one step ahead of you?

We are here to tell you the truth…your arch-enemy isn’t any of them. Your arch-enemy is there staring at you each time you look into a mirror. That’s right, your arch-enemy is you!

We are not talking some Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde issue. We are not thinking that you have gone crazy and become like Batman’s villain Two Face and you are talking to yourself.

Think of the roadblocks that keep getting in your way of success. Who puts them there when you really think about it? You do!

Think of the fear that grabs you as you are finally getting where you have always dreamed of. That fear is put in you not by anyone else other than you!

Here is the great news. In the story, be it a literary classic, a comic book or a screen play, the arch-enemy always loses to the hero. The arch-enemy might come back down the road. The good news again is that they  will once again be vanquished bu our hero.

You are that hero!

Put your arch-enemy in their place and move forward to the next level of success! There is nothing stopping you, other than you!

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Chadalyst – There is always something missing from the villain’s plan and the super hero always wins in the end. Find the weakness of your arch enemy and come out victorious!

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8 Key Lessons from Dad

We have all learned valuable lessons from our parents. Today we have a look at some of the lessons my dad had shared with me through my life.  Some of these lessons were positive and some were things to learn from. Either way, these lessons came from love and the school of hard knocks

LIFE ISN’T FAIR. This is a lesson that dad shared at least once a month. The good thing to know is that there are times that life is not fair and it is in your favor! If you want to know more about this check out this blog focused on this topic Life isn’t fair.

TREAT A WOMAN LIKE YOU WOULD WANT YOUR MOTHER TREATED. If you treat every woman the way that you would want people to treat your mother, the world will be a better place. This lesson comes down to how to be a gentleman and was a very important lesson to learn.

JUST PUT SOME DIRT ON IT. This is a lesson that dad shared anytime someone was hurt. Be tough and it won’t hurt as much if you just take a moment and rub some dirt on it. This lesson did change when speaking to a young girl. Instead of dirt it was put kisses all over it and the pain was gone. The lesson to take from this is think of something else and the pain will be gone.

YOU’RE NOT SICK, IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. This is a lesson that probably wasn’t a great one to learn, as there are times your body is attempting to tell you something that you don’t listen to. This was a very valuable lesson in the power of mindset and that you can do anything you put your mind to, even overcome sickness.

READ READ AND THEN READ SOME MORE. Dad always had a book in his hand. It might have been the latest spy thriller or the newest business book to help push your thinking to the next level. Whichever it was he was reading it was a powerful lesson to always be expanding your thinking.

SPEND MONEY. Enjoy what you have. Have experiences. Create memories. All of that came with spending money and dad was good at that! This lesson might have been better learned if there was some balance to it and dad also taught how to save. Oh well, at least there are some great memories!

THE POINT OF CHILDREN ARE GRANDCHILDREN. This was a lesson that dad shared later in life. Maybe dad didn’t learn this one until later in life and therefore also taught the lesson of always be learning! There was nothing as important to dad as his grandchildren. Remember that as you wonder what happened to your children as they become know it all teenagers and adults. One day they will provide you with grandchildren and they will have to suffer their children growing up!

TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS. Most memories of dad include a camera around his neck (cameras weren’t always built into phones) and snapping photos. Memories will be captured for ever with a simple click of a camera. Take those photos, look at those photos and remember the good times.

Thanks dad for all of these lessons. They will last forever and be passed on. You will never be forgotten. You were a great dad always filled with support even when it wasn’t clear.

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Chadalyst If you can, go thank your parents for the lessons they have taught you. Make sure you pass on your lessons to your next generation.

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