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10 Commandments of SEO

Speaking at the Keller Williams Mega Technology Camp event on the topic of Google. With a mix of the Keller Williams belief system of God, Family and Business and the steps to success on Google we wanted to bring you…the 10 Commandments of SEO

While the true 10 Commandments are carved in stone and have stood the test of time, please understand that the commandments of SEO change often and by the time you read this who knows what changes Google has created.

1)Thou shall use proper grammar and spelling
This is a big one now as Google is reading the blogs and if you can’t write like an expert then you probably are not an expert. Learn the difference between, there, their and they’re!

2)Thou shall write naturally
If you are writing and then inserting your keywords it will make your work sound spammy. If it sounds spammy, it will be considered spam.

3)Thou must title correctly
When you title your blog postings you need to make sure you include your keyword or key phrase if you are planning to hope people find you while searching.

4)Name thy images properly
When you upload a photo change the name from img4657.jpg that shows up automatically and name the photo with your keyword (and make sure that your image is what you say it is!)

5)Thou must update regularly
If you want Google to know that you are alive you need to give it signs. The easiest way to do that is to update your website or your blog on a regular basis.

6)Take advantage of the press
Help your local papers and other press outlets by creating press releases about you, your company and other things news worthy.

7)Thy shall write white papers
People go online and search for solutions. Write white papers to solve problems and bring information to people

8)Thou shalt remember links
These are the veins that bring the blood to the heart of your website. Get links from reputable sources that Google looks kindly upon.

9)Thou must alter thy anchor text
Change the terms you use as your hyperlinks to different ideas on the theme. For example in one location use the link Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook and in another location use 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook

10)Thou must be geographically specific
Google is watching us all and knows where we are. Make sure that you are geographically specific with your keywords. If your product has nothing to do with geography be specific on your key phrase as terms like “SEO” or “training” won’t bring many results.

Follow these commandments and you will be rewarded. Of course as these commandments aren’t carved in stone…make sure you check back for future updates!

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Chadalyst Believe in the word, believe the commandments and pick the one that you are not following and start today!

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Skydive into your business

You jump out of a perfectly good plane each and every day…it doesn’t matter if that plane is 13,000 feet in the air or if that plane is your desk at the office or wherever you work.

Have you ever been skydiving? It truly is just like any day in your business. Let’s look at how they compare…

Training: Before you are allowed to get near the plane you have to get some basic training. Just like any new job or career you embark on. It should always start with a little training.

Equipment: The next thing that you do is you put on the correct outfit and equipment. While skydiving this will be a jumpsuit and a parachute or harness if you are planning to jump tandem (highly recommended – you will learn why later) When you are heading to work you get dressed in the uniform of the position and take the needed equipment with you before leaving your home.

Travel: The next step is to get in your needed form of transportation. When heading to work that might not be a plane unless you are a pilot or a skydiving full-time. Get yourself where you need to be.

Getting Ready to Get Ready: This is when you check each harness point on the parachute one last time. Making sure that your equipment is ready for whatever you have coming next. In your job this is getting the store front ready to open, getting that list together of the contacts you are going to reach out to, or whatever you need to do so that you are ready when the time comes.

JUMP: This is just what it sounds like when skydiving, you jump (or if you are diving tandem you sit down and get pushed out basically – this helps you over the fear of the jumping part) At work you jump into your tasks. That could be making calls, it could be greeting people at the door or it could be starting your route for the day. JUST JUMP and get going

Free fall: This is the rush part of the jump. You free fall at close to 125 mph and feel the wind in your face. You take in the beautiful sights, you enjoy the sensation of the fall and you create a memory that will stay with you forever. At work can you feel this same way? Of course you can. Make a sale, help someone, accomplish what it is that you set out to and you will feel that rush. If you don’t feel the rush, find a new job!

Open the Parachute: This is the part that just can’t be explained unless you have jumped and experienced it. Everything changes and quickly! You go from the feeling of falling to the feeling of being lifted in a moments notice. Your world is changed quickly. This sounds familiar to many of you when compared to work. This is when the deal starts to go south. This is when the customer starts to complain about their issue. Everything was going in one direction and now things turn quickly and get your adrenalin going!

Float Back to the Ground: While skydiving this is the peaceful time. The rush is over. Just enjoy the decent. Spin, turn, look around or just enjoy the silence. At work this is when everything is coming together. The deal is happening finally. The client is making that purchase and you are ringing them up.

Landing: The end of the ride. While skydiving this is when your feet (or butt depending on the landing style) hit the ground and you end your experience. For business this is when the check comes in from your company. You get paid and the experience is over.

Hopefully whether you are skydiving or working this is a rush that you look forward to experiencing again and again. Remember that each experience will be different from the last and that is part of the fun!

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Chadalyst – Just jump! Whether it be from a plane or into your work, get to it. If you don’t enjoy the sensation enough, find another line of work!

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8 Things You Should Think Twice About Before Doing on Social Media

It is amazing the things we learn in school and how they can help us in our business life as we grow.

This is a challenging time for many adults as social media was not around as we were in high school and college. There was an article the other day about the 12 Things Students Should Never Do On Social Media and it was interesting how many of those things could apply as lessons in life that adults should learn as well. Future employers and future clients will want to know who they are working with and as of now social media is the place they can quickly check on you.

We have taken the 8 from the student’s list that you should keep in mind. The other 4 can stay in school.

1)Post Illegal Activity
You would think this would be a given and we see many people posting things that could get them in trouble one day. Maybe it is that photo of your speedometer as you attempt to break speed records in a school zone or maybe it is something else that you should think twice about.

2)Bash Your Boss
Just don’t do it! If you are working somewhere why would you bash the person that can make or break your life in the office? If you just lost your job and think who cares anymore, your next boss cares, that’s who.

This is a concern in the adolescent world right now and the problem doesn’t end there. You might think you are posting generically and all that time people know whom you are posting about and bullying. Think twice.

4)Post Confidential Information
Ever see some of the things that people are posting today? Photos of their driver’s licence, photos of other forms of id and photos of things that they should think twice about. People are posting their confidential information such as their Social Security Number without thinking about it. Pay attention!

Everyone makes their life sound amazing on social media and the challenge is that you can’t keep up the lies. Remember that many of the people you work with, spend time with are also probably your social media friends and followers. Play sick and then post from the golf course…not a good idea!

6)Ignore Company Policy
Depending on where you work you might have a company policy that you should be aware of. Topics you cannot post about, images you cannot share and other restrictions. Learn these!

7)Don’t Trust the Privacy Settings
About 4% of the social media world understand privacy settings properly and even those people can get in trouble. Post an image or a comment to a group that you believe you are safe posting to and see what happens when one of those people downloads, saves or accidentally openly shares your image or posting? If you don’t want your parents, spouse, children or boss to ever see it, don’t post it! Be safe.

8)Post While Emotional
This is the worst mess we can all create. When you are worked up about something many people now turn to social media to vent…once it is on social media it is always on social media so take that moment and breathe…think about it…rethink it…then post if you are still sure.

Follow these 8 simple rules and when you do post you can feel confident that you have learned your lesson without having to go back to school.

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Chadalyst – Figure out which of the 8 things you are challenged with and focus on changing your habits.

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