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In yesterday’s posting we looked at the second step in refueling your life. Make sure you check back to step 1 and step 2 as we continue to cover how you feel when you are running on empty and how you feel when your personal tank is filled.

We have talked about the first two things that you can do to make sure that you start refueling you own life, for free.

  1. Garbage in = garbage out – make sure you eat right!
  2. Sleep enough for your body to recharge

Let’s move on to step 3…

Studies have shown again and again, and there are too many sources to quote on this one, that 20 minutes a day of exercise can help you sleep better. This works very well with step number 2.

Working out can also improve your metabolism, which works really well with step number 1.

Working out will also improve your brain functions. This doesn’t go with any specific step and is still probably the most important benefit.

Find 20 minutes a day for a high powered walk, a ride on your exercise bike or some time with weights if that is your thing.

Working out is a commitment you will need to make with yourself. Figure out if you are someone that should start your day this way or if you prefer to end your day with a workout. Maybe like some, you should look into getting in a workout in the middle of the day to help keep you going. Just pick a time of the day and stick to it!

Not sure what to do and you don’t want to spend the money to join a gym, just go for a walk with a friend or your dog. How about you run a flight of stairs a few times. If those don’t work, do some push-ups during the commercials of the show you are watching. Any of these will help get you started on the right path.

Now that you have the first 3 steps, and probably ones you could have guessed, join us in our next blog for one that might throw you for a loop. Register to follow along with this blog to get the next step in refueling your life emailed right to you.

Chadalyst – Add a workout to your day. It might be a 20 minute walk, or a bike ride or skipping rope. Just find something you want to do, and that you will do, and add it to your daily routine right away.

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