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Mindset is triggered by so many different things and one of those things that is not talked about enough are the smells that bring changes to our day.

Can you remember back to waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon wafting through the house?

How about going for a walk or heading to the park and experiencing the smell of fresh-cut grass? That is one of my personal favorites.

What about walking into a home with fresh cookies baking in the oven. Your mouth is watering as you read this isn’t it? What type of cookie is it that you are smelling?

All of these smells can trigger a memory and create a mindset change that will help improve any day or start the day on the right foot, in the case of the delicious breakfast.

There are smells that can create the exact opposite reaction and turn a great day to a negative one if you allow it to. Maybe the memory of home-baked cookies is not a good one for you or maybe it is the smell of gasoline or a certain food that mom made you eat and still haunts you to this day. If my mother invites you over for meatloaf make sure she knows you have become a vegetarian. It isn’t just the smell on this one – trust me.

Why does this work this way? Smell is one of the most powerful memory triggers. Studies have shown that smell is the strongest of the senses to trigger memories, with sound (music) close behind. When asked which of their senses most people would give up first, smell is often the answer. You may want to rethink that answer in the future.

When you smell something a memory is triggered. It might be a good or a bad memory. Then your mindset could shift based upon the feelings that now are flowing freely through you.

There are certain scents that you have heard about already:

Rosemary – can improve memory
Orange and Lavender – can reduce stress (and this is why lavender is often used at a massage)
Lemon scent – can improve a positive mood

Of course there are your own trigger scents like the perfume/cologne of a family member, the fragrance of a brand of laundry detergent or maybe a type of flower. For some of you these are smells that bring great memories and for some they are sad memories or ones you just wish you could forget forever.

Smells will change your mindset so stay aware of them and surround yourself with the sweet smell of success.

Chadalyst – (this is not a typo this is a catalyst provided by Chad to give you one thing to take away from this blog and do to help you grow) Head to the store for this one and find a candle in a scent that brings you happy memories. Keep it near by and even better than lighting it, get a candle warmer and your room will be filled with a scent that brings good memories and help with the right mindset.

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Comments on: "The Sweet Smell of Success" (4)

  1. Keith Alba said:

    Agree with everything (except maybe 1 thing..see below) in this post and I’ve even had success of changing mindset and attitude with going through the mental exersize of remembering a smell. While it may not be ideal, it will work if one is not near their candle and warmer.

    While we are on the topic of smells, may I suggest a VERY large and fragrant bouquet of flowers to your Mom this weekend. A public shot at Mom’s cooking this close to Mother’s Day calls for something large.

  2. An excellent comment Keith and mom knows how much she is loved (and how much her meatloaf is feared)

  3. Love it Chad. You are so right…

  4. This may seem odd but the smell of bleach reminds me of my Grandpa Bob’s backyard swimming pool . That chlorine scent is strong but brings back nostalgic memories.

    Extra Note: I don’t go around sniffing bottles of bleach but occasionally catch a whiff whenever I’m doing a load of white laundry.

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