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Status Quo, Oh No!

We have all heard the term status quo, meaning the existing state or condition. Some of you reading this blog love the status quo and some of you are longing for what used to be the status quo in your life.

The question today is this…Is the status quo really good for anyone?

You get up and follow your morning routine, whatever that might be.

You get into your car and head for work.

You listen to the same radio station, drive the same route and park in the same spot each and every business day.

Your day at work is basically the same from answering emails, to meetings you have to attend and even to the conversations you have with your co-workers.

As your day comes to an end you leave the office get back in the car and follow the same path back home to engage in your evening routine and keep the status quo.

You arrive home.

You help your children with their school work (if you have children.)

You have dinner and share in the same conversations you had the day and week before.

You sit to watch the same shows on the tv and then head to bed to bring an end to the day.

Congratulations! The status quo has been upheld for another day. You got paid the same for the day, did the same things and kept your existing state or condition the same. You probably didn’t learn much, didn’t venture out much and continued to keep things moving forward safely.

If you take an honest look, is this how your life is going?

Then for one week of each year you take a vacation (at least we hope you do.) Wherever it is you go, the status quo has been thrown out the window.

You sleep late or maybe wake up early with excitement.

You eat different foods at different times (everyone has dessert on vacation.)

You can’t find your normal shows or radio station so you read, you listen to different music, you have different conversations and you are happy!

You ignore the status quo and live in a world of constant change.

Sadly vacation comes to an end and you find yourself back home and driving your normal route, having the same conversations again and falling back to your status quo.

The status quo isn’t good for anyone…not you, not your family and not your career. Shake it up and get out of the existing state you are in and start existing in a state of change. Change doesn’t have to be big (see the Chadalyst for this blog) to happen, it just has to be something that you are willing to embrace!

Some people are kicking and screaming just reading this that we have challenged their status quo and that is ok, it shouldn’t be easy. Easy is the status quo and together we can change it up and watch the benefits of change in our lives.

Chadalyst(this is not a typo this is a catalyst provided by Chad to give you one thing to take away from this blog and do to help you grow) Change something up and start with something small like driving a different route to work, listening to a different station on the way or even something as small and simple a start as sit in a different seat at your table or on your sofa! Small changes will help you get ready for bigger ones!

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