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Passport Please

You know that excited moment when you leave your house and head to the airport to start a journey? This is the moment that comes after you are sure you didn’t leave the oven or the iron on, and you are sure that you have everything packed so you can begin to relax.

You get to the airport and find a parking spot, so far so good.
You head to check in and you get checked in quickly and smoothly.
You walk to the security line and the line moves quickly and without incident.
You get to through the first check point, and now have to go through the inconvenience of removing your shoes, your jacket, your jewelry. You pull out your laptop, your toiletries and quickly finish your drink before being x-rayed and go about putting yourself and your bag back together.
You find your gate and don’t have long to wait before boarding begins for your flight.

You finally find yourself on the plane, in your window seat with your bags stowed. You share the quiet prayer of most single passengers that nobody will be in the middle seat in your row. If there is someone, please make them either very quiet that they leave you alone or very interesting that you actually want to spend the next few hours talking with them. Today must be your lucky day as the seat remains empty as the plane gets ready to pull away from the gate.

You are given instructions on the functions of the plane. How the seatbelt works, what to do in an emergency and where to exit the plane just in case you make a water landing. That is a term that always disturbed me, a “water” landing.

The plane takes off and your journey truly begins. You recline your seat, begin to relax and reflect upon how nice and smoothly everything has gone.

Then the turbulence strikes. The plane starts to bounce. The pilot asks everyone to fasten their seatbelt. You bring your seat to an upright position and grab the armrest so tightly that your knuckles turn white. You reflect on many of the moments of your life and remind yourself again and again that this is the safest form of travel and it will be ok.
You’ve been there, you’ve done all of that before. You know what we are talking about as if you have ever been on a plane you most likely have had this experience. After being bounced around it is finally ok and the plane levels out and continues towards your destination. The turbulent experience becomes a memory. A moment you knew would never really cause you an issue. A moment that you quickly start to forget about as you get closer and closer to your destination.

This is your life!

That’s right. Your life is just like this with every experience and every change that you take on or is given to you to deal with.

It might be a new job, a move to a new home, a loss of a friend or family member. Maybe your journey is something small like dealing with the car that cut you off on the way into work this morning, or the dog getting out and you having to take your time to chase your puppy to come back in the house.

You start your day with the anticipation of that perfect trip. That would be you getting packed. You plan and have everything just where you think it needs to be.

Then at some point you hit an inconvenience. That would be you going through the security check in. Nothing to worry about, just something to slow you down.

Maybe you run into a delay and at some point during your experience just as though your flight was held up. Remember it is always better to arrive late, then not to arrive at all so you slow down and figure out what to do.

Then all of a sudden things don’t go how you planned. You hit your turbulence. You hold on white knuckled and hope to come out safely on the other side. Some changes and experiences have a lot of turbulence and some are so smooth you don’t even notice it, just like some flights.

Then finally you end up where you need to be. You get to your new destination, you finish the presentation for your clients or you get your dog back in the house. You look back and know that it was all going to happen you just didn’t know what to expect during the journey.

Enjoy the trip and just be ready to deal with the turbulence that life will throw at you.

Here’s hoping your flight arrives at the right airport.

Chadalyst -start collecting your passport stamps! Create a plan for something that you can anticipate coming up, maybe a move, a new job, or a presentation. Then once you have your plan, know what you will do in an emergency. Where are the exits? Are your seats also floatation devices? Be ready for everything and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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  1. So true! Hope all your flights are smooth.

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