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Have you ever been to a soup cook-off?

Here is what it is like…
You walk up to register…
and then you pay your fee…
and then you get your badge…
and then you get in line for the first entry…
and then you get your sampling, just a small taste of their soup in a small ramekin…
and then you get in line for the next entry…
and then repeat until you have tasted all of the different entries all the time attempting to remember what you enjoyed or disliked about each entry in the cook-off.

That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Then you start asking yourself, was the first one a little too spicy or not spicy enough? What about the 5th one and the 7th one? You won’t forget the 2nd one as you are still breathing flames from that sample.

Was the soup at the 3rd contestant the one that had the shrimp in it or was that the 4th one?

Which one was it that you could eat a whole bowl of that you wanted to name the winner?

Finally after remembering one from the next you get back in line for the one that you have selected as the best of the best and turn your badge over so that they can claim another vote while you walk away with a full bowl of soup from your top choice.

This sounds like a win-win proposition for everyone. Everyone that is except all of the other contestants. They had their chance and just couldn’t win your vote, why was that?

What does any of this have to do with you, other than a delicious bowl of soup?

What happens when you have that appointment with a potential client or a customer walks into your store? If your product is something sold in a different store (like soup on the shelf of a grocery store, or running shoes on the shelf of a shoe store) what happens for you?

Just like the chef at the soup cook-off you have 30 seconds or less to make your point and make sure that your potential client votes for you and what you represent.

There are many people out there that will teach you how to write the perfect “elevator speech” or as a mentor of mine called it a “Scooby-Doo moment” (you know the one where Scooby turned his head to the side and gave you that look that said tell me more) The problem isn’t writing the perfect elevator speech the problem is delivering it.

Deliver it with polish and passion. Make sure you know what you are going to say and no matter how many times you say it, you still get excited about getting to tell someone what it is that you do or you represent.

Not sure what you represent, shame on you. Stop everything else and figure that out right now before you continue. There are companies that represent the best taste, some represent the best possible customer service and some represent longevity and stamina in their field.

Here is a piece of free advice – if you have figured what you represent and you don’t get passionate talking about it for the 73rd time in a week, get out of what it is you do and go find something else to do. You deserve to be happy, enjoy what you do and always find passion in it!

To return to our soup cook-off sometimes other people vote for other soup choices and that is alright. Figure out your perfect customer and target what is they would find in you to give you their vote and become a client for life!

Chadalyst(this is not a typo this is a catalyst provided by Chad to give you one thing to take away from this blog and do to help you grow)
Find a quiet place to be alone and figure out what brings you passion and how that can tie in to what you are doing – helping the environment, saving animals, providing the best customer service for a certain group or maybe having the best taste in your product – once you can figure out what you represent and attach it with something that brings you passion, you will be ready to share with everyone

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