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The day started poorly. It was raining and the cat managed to get under foot on my way to the treadmill to start climbing the hill that never seems to end. The day didn’t get better when breakfast time came and there was no milk left for cereal, or any cereal for that matter. Then when it was time to leave the house and as soon as the car started the low fuel light came on and the car started with that annoying pinging sound it has to remind you to pay attention to the problem.

It was at this time that frustration fully kicked in…then I chose stopped being frustrated and was awesome instead.

Is it really that easy to turn your mindset from one place to the next? Barney Stinson says it is and therefore it must be!

Have you ever had that day that started poorly and ended great? Can you look back and find what it was that made that change in the day for you?
Are you the person that once a day starts on the downhill there are no brakes? You get deeper and deeper behind on work, your co-workers and customers feel your tension and frustration. Your family wishes you stayed at work longer instead of coming home to share your negativity with them

What can you do when the day turns badly for you?

  • go for a walk
  • listen to a song that you really enjoy
  • grab something to read that will inspire you
  • get a workout in and release some endorphins
  • eat something healthy
  • meditate
  • play a game on your iPhone or Android
  • just decide you are going to be awesome instead

Yes it is that easy to change your mindset. Wayne Dyer has told us that if you “change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change” so go change the way you are looking at things.

You hear some of these suggestions and you come up with reasons you can’t do them, that is just another mindset issue for you to be able to change. Trust me, your co-workers, boss, customers, family and even the person you don’t know that will have to be in the car in front of you on the way home that you are tailgating and yelling at, all of these people will appreciate that you took 5 minutes to yourself to change your outlook

There is another Barney that is well known and that was never allow in our home and this Barney also reminds us of the benefits of a positive outlook on life even if at times a little child-like. Barney the dinosaur can often be heard saying that things are Super dee-duper and his television episodes would often end with his well-known song “I Love You”. That is a powerful mindset that this giant purple talking dinosaur shares with children around the world.

Tell me that song isn’t in your head now and your mindset hasn’t changed? The question is did it change to happiness or frustration that you are singing that song?

Just remember you don’t have to be frustrated you can choose to be awesome instead!

Thank you Barney (both of you) for being great models of mindset

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*** No giant purple dinosaurs were harmed in the writing of this blog…sadly

Comments on: "Barney or Barney – they both have it right" (6)

  1. One Barney is a disgrace to the name and the Cenozoic Era, the other is legendary.

  2. Both Barneys have made my life better at some point in time. Great message and much appreciated for those of us with “half empty” tendancies at times.

  3. Amir Ehsani said:

    Great message and I am smiling as Barney sings in my head! Thanks for changing the tune in my head!

  4. Jillene said:

    The one that’s working me today is: “just decide you are going to be awesome instead” ūüôā

  5. Excellent website, thanks for share this article with us

  6. Very good written information. It will be useful to anybody who utilizes it, as well as yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – for sure i will check out more posts.

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